Good for tooth and healthy Treats. Produced by animal experts.

For giving your partner Hokkaido nature's bounty.

Good for tooth and healthy Treats – for DOGS / some CATS

Healthy + Chewy. Carefully selected treats by animal experts.

Chewy and made with Healthy Ingredients, Treats series produced especially by animal experts perspectives.

"For obesity prevention, treats that are as small as possible" "Not just chewy, but also healthy". "No additives used, so to make it healthy as possible" There is no burden to your precious dogs and cats, giving this delicious and healthy treats.


● Selected ingredients used, such as Salmon and Milt from Hokkaido.

Not just making this chewy, we also carefully selected the ingredients.

High quality Achilles of Yezo (Hokkaido) deer, Salmon and Milt from Hokkaido.

● Formula getting the most out of the natural ingredients.

If it’s just the same "eating", why not get a healthy treat.

Without adding too many, this is made with our formula getting the most out of the natural ingredients.

Also for obesity prevention, ingredients such as low-calorie and less fat Yezo (Hokkaido) deer meet and Salmon which contains a lot of nature's strongest antioxidant, astaxanthin, are used.

Abundant product lineup

We offer various healthy treats such as Meat, Fish and Vegetable-type.

First, click your partner’s favorite type of treats.

Support having the best nutritional balance by mixing treat types.

[Meat-type] Yezo (Hokkaido) deer cut Jerky (Treats for DOGS)

[Fish-type] Tamgi (mushroom) dip Salmon skin stick (Treats for DOGS)

●[Vegetable-type] Freeze-dried Natto (fermented soybeans) (Treats for DOGS)

 ● [Meat-type] Yezo (Hokkaido) deer Achilles (Treats for DOGS and CATS)

●[Fish-type] High nucleic acid Milt Stick (Treats for DOGS)