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Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionists Feelings / Nature’s Bounty of Hokkaido

All just for your partners health / Now, from Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Feelings of developers

Seeking for a rich life with my dogs, we moved to Hokkaido. Now I am living in Biei greatly enjoying the nature with them.

With my perspective of “watching animals” as a JAHA discipline instructor working in an animal hospital, and also based on my “knowledge and experience” built through communicating with owners day-to-day, I am pursuing “animals’ diet” from various angles.

Spending over 3 years, made “what is healthy and delicious to animals” into form, and developed “Te to Te, Pets’ Meal”.

When the day diagnosis of Malignant lymphoma was made to my partner Tina…

Great sadness and anger, and huge anxious filled me with tears. But Tina was there next to me, as if she accepted firmly the situation, with a cute smile waving her tail.

I was relieved.

“What am I doing… What I need to do now, is not worrying how much time left, but to think how I can treasure the time together with Tina”

At this moment, there was a breakthrough. For treatments I must rely on hospitals, but as I am the one closest and spending long times, there should be something that what I can only do. And the answer was “reconsider diet”. In addition, including animal behavior science and mental specific support and mobilizing all what I have learned, I faced the disease with Tina. In recent years, from the fact that allergies, chronic gastroenteritis and intractable diseases such as tumor has increased in animals, the number of owners reconsidering pet foods or started making homemade foods increased. As for this, animals eating habits are in spotlights and likely being reconsidered strongly.

Now, pet foods are well studied and nutritional balance are thought carefully. However, in terms of ingredients’ safety and usage such as additives, it is difficult for owners to check 100% by themselves. In addition, it is not easy to adjust menus daily to match their partner’s health condition, age or environment. The solution to all these, is “Te to Te, Pets’ Meal”

The greatest feature is that, these are produced by animal experts, veterinarians and pet nutritionists, and delivered from an animal hospital. The ingredients are from Hokkaido and is in the same level of “delicious and healthy ingredients” as for we humans.

In addition, by containing functional foods and herbs, effects in improving immunity and preventing diseases and aging and supports a healthy life.

For also those who does not have much time or has worries in cooking, we designed various products to be used easily not just as ingredients for homemade meals but also as toppings.

The AAFCO standard semi-moist food can be given as staple food but also supplement meals.

For owners wishing their partner’s “health and long-live”, we present our “simple and easy” yet “carefully selected” Te to Te, Pets’ Meal.

Rumiko Yasuhisa

Developer Introduction, Rumiko Yasuhisa 


Japanese Society of Pet Animal Nutrition certified Pet Nutritionists

Japanese Animal Hospital Association (JAHA) certified Discipline Instructor

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (USA) certified CPDT-KA

Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association certified AHT

Japan Pet Counselor Association certified Para Counselor

Japan Dog Holistic Care Association certified Dog Batch Flower Remedies Counselor

Japan Animal Wellness Association certified Holistic Care Counselor

Social Animal Environmental Improvement Society certified Dog Life Counselor