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"Te to Te, Pet’s Meal" Mail Order.


Direct delivery from Animal Hospital. Selected safe and secure pet food "Pet’s Meal." Direct Delivery from Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

All for the joyful and healthy time together with your partner.

Safe and secure, high-quality Dog ​​Foods, Cat Foods, Treats, Oral Care products, Medical series products. We only offer the good nationwide via mail order.

The selected safe and secure "Pet’s Meal" is produced by Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionists, and Hokkaido nature's bounty; these will be directly delivered from Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

Valuable agricultural products used; Yezo Sika (deer) meat and vegetables from Hokkaido.


"Pet's Meal" Concept proposed by Animal Hospital

The pursuit of the "Safe and Secure”, "Delicious” and "Healthy” foods.

Animal professionals, Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionist teamed and developed "Te to Te, Pet’s Meal" as the "Supplement Food from the Northern Land".

We offer our product wholeheartedly to everyone who “all wants to give something safe, secure and delicious especially to their precious partner." < About us >

Special Selected Product Lineup

Please click and get the best product that matches your partner from all produced by Veterinarians, Pet Nutritionists and Veterinary Technicians.


● Total Nutrition Food (for DOGS)

Certified by Veterinarians, AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Official) standard “Total Nutrition Food".

Supports health as Staple Food, Supplement or Treats.

Total Nutrition Food made of "Ezo (Hokkaido) deer meat" & "Ganoderma Lucidum" produced by Veterinarians (semi-raw)


[Trial] Total Nutrition Food made of "Ezo (Hokkaido) deer meat" & "Ganoderma Lucidum" produced by Veterinarians (semi-raw)


● Nutritional Supplement (for DOGS)

・For better health by adding to regular pet foods

Anytime to use, as much as needed. Nutritional Supplements for pets. Toppings for their meals to supply what they need.

Additional health support to your current pet foods.

[Popular Item] Sprinkle of Hokkaido Vegetables


New Item Comming Soon


● Healthy Treats (for DOGS) – Get healthy by Treats

Chewy and made with Healthy Ingredients, Treats series produced especially by animal experts perspectives.

[Popular Item] Good for tooth and healthy Treats


New Item Comming Soon


● Oral Care (for DOGS and CATS)

Innovative Oral Cavity Care products produced by Veterinarians, and Ethology/Nutritional Science experts.

[Best Selling Item] Handy Gel to regulate pet’s Oral cavity environment


[Trial] Handy Gel to regulate pet’s oral cavity environment


● Medical Series

Supplements made with Natural Functional Food. Designed for Gentle Nursing Care Product.

[Best Selling Item] Medical Series produced by Animal experts.